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Sacred Shamanic Sex
and the
Goddess of Death

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Find a doorway that wasn't there before


  "Sacred Sex and the Goddess of Death"

An Interactive Magick Ritual Hosted by Koyote

Friday - October 29, 2004 7:30pm - 10pm

Suggested Donation: $10

At the Gatehouse in Fort Mason
for directions go to:

Let us merge at the time of merging, at year’s waning. Samhain and Mictecachatl unite the living with the dead. The old with the new.

Beltane and Quetzalcoatl unite with the fire of sacred sexuality. Let us create a bonfire to call the spirits of the living and the dead. Let us ignite the sexual fires of passion and lust, burning away the walls between the worlds. Let us fuse dimensions. Let us mate with the gods, let us commit the ultimate act of union!

The Passion of the Worlds.
The Game of Life and Death
The Sexual Dance of Past and Present
The Mating of Opposites

Let us bring then the dizzying potions;
The sweet breads and candies;
The incenses and resins and sacred oils.
Let us ignite the passion and exude the unguents;
Produce the sacred sweat and the holy fluids;
Join the fires and the waters of the temples.
Let us set fire to the heavens and cool down the hells of all the worlds!!!
Let us marry

Samhain and Mictecahuatl,
Mary and Tlaloc,
La Catrina and Adam Kadmon.
Come! Come to the feasting of the Dead!

Come to the Sexual Fury of Angels and Demons.
Come to the One Place that is Nowhere and Nowhen.

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Koyote has worked with various shamanic and magickal traditions throughout his life, including the Thelemic tradition and the Yaqui Indian Tradition of Mexico. He conducts transformative workshops throughout the United States and Latin America where he passes on the knowledge he has received from all these various sources. Koyote also incorporates music, video and theater into his work to achieve a total inmersive experience.


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